About Me

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I am a software professional based in Seattle, WA, currently Senior Principal Engineer at Amazon.

Obligatory note: all views expressed on this website are my own, and do not represent the views of my employer.

I enjoy working with large-scale software systems, and have an interest in artificial intelligence, programming language theory, metaprogramming, mathematics, operating systems, provable security, theoretical physics, literature and philosophy.

If you are within the Amazon corporate network, my PhoneTool page lists more ways to connect with me.

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This website, optimix, is a primarily a blog geared towards ‘technical’ matters of all kinds. I like writing about and discussing in depth any topic that seems worthy of a logical analysis. It is my belief that in any domain, it is valuable to test the limits of your knowledge by going beyond the horizon of what you think you know. In this journey, you discover that some of the assumptions you’ve made are false, and learn that there are certain patterns that repeat time and again. Most of all, my hope is that this website would be a place that is useful, where everyone learns something new. Please stop by and add to the discussion!

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If you have any private comments, feedback or suggestions, including ideas for topics to blog about or discuss, please submit it here, or send an email to: riyer at optimix.dev